Jurrasic Falls


Ungraded Ridge
1.6m out and back
Elevation Gain
Gain: 784 ft
Total Time                        3 Hr.

Pick up Time                     12 : 00 PM

Route Description

Jurrasic Fallsis a short heavily trafficked waterfall trail that is located a short drive from the Waikiki hotels.  The trail starts with beautiful valley views before entering a lush tropical rainforest.   Enroute you’ll encounter a bamboo forest and in certain season’s it’s possible to encounter guava and mountain apple trees.  The trail ends at the back of the valley under a spectacular 150ft tall waterfall.  This trail can be crowded and muddy, but novice hikers old and young can complete this trail.  The payoff at the end is worth the effort. 

Obstacles 1
Uneven and slippery surfaces create a slipping hazard. Some slippery surfaces are in close proximity to steep drop offs.

Obstacles 2
A portion of the trail can become quite muddy.

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